Economy and the Pandemic with Jonathan Williams '05

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Legislative Exchange Council is continually analyzing the many policy proposals...

Navigating Chaos and Uncertainty with Matt O'Connor

Organizations of all kinds are in precarious positions right now. The volatile and ambiguous external environment is creating confusion and anxiety across...

Rocket League Tournament

Join the Rocket League Tournament. For more information, keep an eye on the Student Life Instagram page (@nuStuReslife).

Master of Science in Business Analytics Webinar

Join DeVos Graduate School Admissions Staff and Faculty to learn more about our new online Master of Science in Business Analytics Program on April 9 from...

Permission to Pivot with Kristen Hadeed

Now more than ever we’re in a time of uncertainty and change. It’s normal to ask ourselves questions like, “What do the next few months hold?” and “How will...

Ping Pong Tournament

Another tournament means another chance to win the new Student Life Tournament Trophy! Limited spots, claim yours in the Student Life Office.

Corn Hole Tournament

Join Student Life on the Mall Walk for a corn hole tournament. There is no entry fee and the winning team takes home the tournament trophy!