Friday, May 14

Michael Tanner: The Inclusive Economy

Cato Institute Senior Fellow Michael Tanner heads research into a variety of domestic policies, with an emphasis on poverty and social welfare policy, health...

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Lt. Colonel Allen B. West: Life and Thought of Booker T. Washington

Colonel West has largely spent his life in the service of America. Formerly, he was a US Army lieutenant colonel, a member of a family of four generations...

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Elizabeth Corey: Intersectionality and the Socialist Temptation

Elizabeth Corey is an associate professor of political science and director of the Honors Program at Baylor University. She was the 2018-19 Initiative on...

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Star Parker: Breaking the Poverty Cycle in our Ciites

Star Parker is the founder and president of Cure, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Cure is a non-profit Policy Institute based in Washington DC...

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Film Screening - Miss Virginia

In 2003, with the support of national education organizations and lawmakers, Virginia Walden Ford and her courageous group of parent advocates succeeded in...

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Virginia Walden Ford: The Struggle for an Education

Virginia Walden Ford is one of America’s leading advocates for parent empowerment. As a student, a mother, an advocate, and a grandmother, Virginia has spent...

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Friday, May 14